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About Me

Greetings! I'm K S Sai Teja, a dynamic Full Stack Web Developer currently interning at Cognifyz Technologies in Nagpur, Maharashtra. My expertise lies in crafting visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and AWS. Prior experiences at Coding Raja Technologies and DevTown have sharpened my collaborative web development skills, showcasing a passion for innovation.

Beyond web development, I delve into computer vision and data visualization, employing Python to solve real-world challenges. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Raghu Engineering College, my academic journey enriches my understanding of embedded systems and robotics. With a freelance background on Fiverr and community engagement as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, I bring a holistic approach to technology.

My vision is to seamlessly integrate web development and electronics engineering, creating innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact. Join me on this exciting journey of technology and innovation!


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Flutter Flow
Web Design
Tailwind CSS


  • Intern @Cognifyz Technologies

    2024 | Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

    Improved project efficiency by 15% through the implementation of advanced coding practices and close collaboration with cross-functional teams. Exceeded project targets, achieving a 25% increase in accuracy through the implementation of rigorous testing procedures and effective quality assurance protocols.

  • Intern @Coding Raja Technologies

    2024 | Remote

    Achieved a 20% reduction in website loading times through code optimization and efficient web development practices. Exceeded project goals with a 30% increase in user engagement by implementing interactive and user-friendly website features.

  • Intern @Robocoupler

    2023 | Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills, tackling challenges that arose during projects and making informed decisions to overcome obstacles. Managed time effectively to balance multiple tasks and responsibilities at Robocoupler, ensuring productivity and meeting deadlines.

  • Intern @Amazon Web Services

    2022 | Remote

    Implemented cost-saving measures, resulting in a 35% reduction in cloud infrastructure expenses through optimization and efficient resource management. Contributed to the project's success by streamlining workflows, leading to a 45% improvement in deployment speed and efficiency.

  • Intern @Devtown

    2023 | Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills, identifying challenges and finding creative solutions to overcome them. Proficiently identified and resolved technical issues and challenges during projects at Devtown, utilizing analytical skills and technical expertise to ensure smooth development and deployment processes.

  • Bootcamp @Microsoft Student Ambassador

    Summer 2022 | Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Being a part of the Microsoft Student Ambassador program allowed me to build a thriving tech community on my campus. I organized meetups, hackathons, and coding competitions, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration. Through my leadership role, I empowered others to explore their passion for technology and encouraged them to make a positive impact using Microsoft technologies.

  • Intern @Amazon Web Services

    2022 | Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Collaborated with cross-functional teams to plan and execute AWS projects, ensuring effective communication and coordination throughout the process.Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills while resolving issues related to AWS infrastructure and services, ensuring minimal downtime and smooth operations.


  • Bachelor Of Technology In Electronics and Communication

    2021-2024 | Raghu Engineering College, Visakhapatnam, AP.

    Relavant courses included VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Antenna Design etc..

  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication

    2018-2021 | VSM College of Engineering, Ramachandrapuram, AP.

    Relevant courses included Data Structures and Algorithms, Embedded Systems, Chip Designing etc..

  • Secondary School Education under Board of Secondary Education, AP.

    2017-2018 | Muncipal Town High School, Rajahmundry, AP.

    Relavant courses included Physical Education, MS Office.